Places to Visit in Birmingham

The United Kingdom is made up of four sovereign states – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is a popular tourist destination. It has a lot to offer and millions of people from all across the world come to this great place every year.

History buffs come to see the enchanting castles and other historical sites, some people come to witness the glory of the Metropolises, some people come with hopes of encountering some medieval ghost, and some people just come to cheer for their favorite football club.

Birmingham, it is one of the biggest cities in the region. Well, it may not have a great football club like Liverpool, London etc. But it has a lot to offer. Do not trust me? Here are some facts about Birmingham.

·        Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice. I am not kidding.
·        It is the birthplace of author J.R.R Tolkien. A lot of things in his writings were inspired by the city and its people.

·        Do you know what Heavy Metal bands Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest have in common (other than the kind of music they produce)? They all hailed from Birmingham.

If you want me to go on, better take out your abacus. But if you are a Tolkien fan or a metalhead, you have enough reasons to visit the city, right? 

Now that you have made up your mind to visit the city, you might be wondering which places you should visit. Leave that to me, all you have to do is coach hire Birmingham. These are the places you should visit.

Cadbury World:

                This is a must visit the site for chocoholics. You will not have to find one of the five golden tickets to enter the place. And there will not be any tests, nor will you be offered a lifetime supply of chocolates. Unfortunately, it is not owned by Willy Wonka. But there will be tons of fun stuff.

Museums and Art Galleries:

                There is a long list of Museums and art galleries that you should visit in Birmingham. The list includes, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of Jewelry Quarter, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, National Motorcycle Museum, Thinktank Science Museum, Lapworth Museum of Geology, the list goes on.

Historical Sites:

                Birmingham has many historical sites that you can visit. You will find buildings from the Medieval Age, buildings from the Industrial Age, there are even sites from the Stone Age and Iron Age (but they are not technically in the city).

Shopping Malls:

                In case you have not blown away all your budget away (well even if you have window shopping is always an option), you should visit the shopping malls in Birmingham. The Bullring Market is one of the oldest markets in the world, functioning since the Middle Age. You should check it out.

            So this is it. Get in touch with some traveling company like the Plaza Travel and hire a coach. Hop in the back seat and keep the camera rolling. You do not want to miss a thing. Have a great trip.


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